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Thursday, April 16, 2015


GCH +*B Chateau Briant's Jennings AA11259222

American Alpine

DOB - April 14, 2002

jennings4   GCH +*B Chateau Briant's Jennings

 Jennings daughters
jaimie nationals 2011 jae nationals 2011
GCH Jaimie above & SGCH Braeleen below GCH Jae above & GCH Breck below
braeleen nationals 2011 brecknp09

Jennings was an outstanding buck and excelled in all categories.  He transmitted those wonderful traits to his daughters.  The four permanent champions are pictured here.  Jennings' son, GCH Jaylen, is our senior herd sire.

Show Wins Record

  Best Doe in Show
  Best of Breed
3   Grand Champion

  Reserve Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal Scores

4-3 FS 90 VEE

SS: ++*B Hoach's NW Zeanaa Genesis A0710514   (3-2 FS 90 EVE)

Sire: +B Sweet-Dreams ZG Lucas A1167367  (6-2 FS 91 VEE)

SD: Hoach's Golden Longing A1026301 (5-2 FS 89 VVVE)

GCH +*B Chateau Briant's Jennings AA1259222  (4-3  FS 90 VEE)

DS: +*B Chateau Briant's Vaquero A0903852   (7-3 FS 92 EEE)

Dam: GCH Chateau Briant's Juno 8*M AA0974234   (6-0 FS 91 VEEE)

DD: Chateau Briant's Jinger 7*M AA0798729   (3-2 FS 88 V+EE)