Articles for the Year 2015

Reserving kids for the spring

If you are interested in reserving a buck or doe kid please send a $50 deposit made payable to the farm and we will hold your reservation until the dam freshens.  Upon freshening we will contact you again with the particulars.  We prefer to wait until the kids have a good start being at least 5 weeks old before being picked up or 8 weeks if shipped by air.  Experienced dairy goat breeders can make arrangements to take the kid prior.  If your reserved kid is not born then you may choose a different breeding or we will return your deposit or hold for another year.

Buck Kids Available

2019 Alpine buck kids available from permanent champions who appraised excellent and have strong milk records.  Bucks from GCH Jaeleen FS 93 EEE; GCH Jaimie FS 92 EEEE; and GCH Juana FS 91 EEEE.  A Nubian buck from GCH Gwyn FS 89 VVEV