About us

We are Alpine Best in Show located in the southern part of Maine, four miles west of world famous Old Orchard Beach. Our farm is on a hilltop overlooking Interstate 95 and is now recognized by many travelers as a familiar scene of a large herd of goats grazing on the hillside.

We, at Chateau Briant Farm, are pleased to present our sales brochure of “Top Quality” Alpines & Nubians. We feel that the following pages represent the successful blending of the Best of their Breed, in a line breeding program to achieve consistency in SHOW and MILK.

“We are very pleased with the show records of our Chateau Briant Alpines as illustrated with the success of our “Juni”. She has earned the record of 17 times Best in Show – 30 times Best of Breed and 6 times Grand Champion. Juni is a 5th generation of Grand Champions who appraised Excellent.”

glomorCelebrating our 121st Permanent Grand Champion.  In 2018 we finished 4 does and 1 buck including GCH Chateau Briant’s Benecia who is the 12th generation of permanent grand champions.  Her dam GCH Chateau Briant’s Baylee  was the First Place, First Udder, Milking Yearling ADGA National Show 2011 in West Springfield, MA.  Consistency is one of the hallmarks of our herd that we are most proud.

Our Chateau Briant Nubian herd presently consists of a select group of does. In 2018 Gwyn earned her permanent grand championship winning grand champion in the first three shows she was entered.  The results of our breeding program are permanent Grand Champions, top appraised animals with many having EXCELLENT mammary scores, and good production. As an example, our Gaitlyn is a fifth generation to achieve permanent Grand Champion status.

We hope that you enjoy our website. If you have any questions or would like further information please feel free to email or call us.