+*B Chateau Briant’s Vaquero A0903852

Purebred French Alpine


SS: ++*B Serendipity’s Bruiser A0407958
Sire: ++*B SGCH New Era’s Kane A0604582 (1-1 FS 90 EEE)

SD: GCH New Era’s Kibitz 3*M A0426163 (4-4 FS 89 VEEV)

+*B Chateau Briant’s Vaquero A0903852   7-3 FS 92 EEE
DS:   ++*B Chateau Briant’s Roberto A0453887
Dam: GCH Chateau Briant’s Velmint 2*M A0770001 (6-4 FS 90 VEEE) (4-0 305 2720 3.2% 88 3.1% 85)
DD: GCH Chateau Briant’s Valeda 1*M A0724445 (5-3 FS 89 VEVV) (1-11 305 3040 2.5% 77)

Vaquero has 23 daughters appraised with an average final score of 85.9.  He is a well proven buck with many grand champion daughters with 6 appraised excellent.


Juno was 8th place 2 year old at the 1997 National Show

Dam: GCH Chateau Briant’s Velmint 2*M
6-4 FS 90 VEEE

 brandy bouquet09 kate04
GCH Chateau Briant’s Brandy 9*MSGCH Chateau Briant’s Bouquet 9*MGCH Chateau Briant’s Kate