*B CH Chateau Briant’s Venedict
*B CH Chateau Briant’s Venedict A1594174

Purebred Alpine

Date of Birth: March 28, 2012

Venedict has matured into a deep bodied correct buck. He finished championship as a two year old  and appraised excellent FS 90 VEE.  Venedict’s daughter, GCH Jaeleen, appraised Excellent FS 93 EEEE.  His 2018 daughter, Janis earned her dry leg at 4 months of age.

Show Wins Record
 2  Best Buck in Show
 2  Best of Breed
3  Grand Champion
 3  Reserve Grand Champion
Linear Appraisal Scores
 1-4FS 89VEE
2-4FS 90VEE

SS: ++*B Kickapoo-Valley HL Lord Wimsey A1451880 (3-02 FS 91 EEE)
Sire: +*B GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Samurai A1479345 (3-6 FS 90 VEE)

SD: GCH Roeburn’s DVK Sheba 7*M A1225139 (5-6 FS 92 EEE)

*B CH Chateau Briant’s Venedict A1594174
DS: +B GCH Sweet Dreams ZG Lucas A1167367 (6-2 FS 91 VEE)
Dam: GCH Chateau Briant’s R Vienna 1*M A1351571 (5-2 FS 92 EEEE)
DD: Chateau Briant’s Venice A1266248