GCH Chateau Briant’s Braxton 11*M AA1516903

American Alpine

Date of Birth March 18, 2010


Production Records

AgeDaysLbs Milk% Fatlbs Fat% Protlbs Prot
2-1250 23003.2732.558
 3-1 24424782.973 2.7       66
 4-0 262 26253.285 2.6 68

Braxton has a beautiful mammary, high and wide in the rear and a long smooth fore udder. In 2013 Braxton finished her championship and appraised excellent. Braxton was 11th place four year old at the 2014 ADGA National Show. Her daughter, Brienne, was our Colorama Sale nominee.

Show Wins Record
  Best Doe in Show
 1  Best of Breed
4  Grand Champion
 1  Reserve Grand Champion
Linear Appraisal Scores
2-5FS 89VEVE
 3-4FS 90VEVE

SS: +*B GCH Chateau Briant’s Jennings AA1259222
Sire: *B CH Chateau Briant’s Jaylen AA1443120

SD: GCH Chateau Briant’s Juni 98M AA1266242 (8-1 FS 92 EEEE)

GCH Chateau Briant’s Braxton 11*M AA1516903
DS: +*B Sand Dance WRS Playboy A1170480
Dam: GCH Chateau Briant’s Brennah 10*M AA1382785 (7-2 FS 92 EEEE)
DD: SGCH Chateau Briant’s Bouquet 9*M AA1118726