Chateau Briant’s Julita AA1780988

American Alpine

DOB – April 5, 2016


Production Records

AgeDaysLbs Milk% Fatlbs Fat% Protlbs Prot


Julita is long and level with excellent dairy strength.  As a Samurai daughter she joins our other Sam daughters GCH Jovial, GCH Baylee, and GCH Janine.

Pictured at left is Julita’s dam, Juana, who earned her permanent championship and appraised excellent 4-2 FS 91 EEEE.

Bred to: *B GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Beauregard

Due date:  May 12, 2018

Show Wins Record
Best Junior Doe in Show
Best of Breed
Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion
Linear Appraisal Scores

SS: ++*B Kickapoo-Valley HL Lord Wimsey A1451880 (FS 91 EEE)
Sire: *B GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Samurai A1479345 (FS 90 VEE)

SD: GCH Roeburn’s Cruno DVK Sheba 7*M A1408461 (FS 92 EEEE)

Chateau Briant’s Julita AA1780988
DS:  +*B GCH Chateau Briant’s Jaylen AA1443120 (FS 90 VEE)
Dam: GCH Chateau Briant’s Juana 10*M AA1644896 (FS 91 EEEE)
DD: GCH Chateau Briant’s Juni 9*M AA1266242 (FS 92 EEEE)