+B GCH Sweet Dreams ZG Lucas +
 lucas august 2006

At six years of age

SS: ++*B Nixon’s Noteworthy A0343652
Sire: ++*B Hoach’s NW Zeanna Genesis A0710514 (3-2 FS 90 EVE)

SD: GCH Hoach’s Zeanna 9*M A0530648 (3-2 FS 91 EEEE)

+B GCH Sweet-Dreams ZG Lucas A1167367 (6-2 FS 91 VEE)
DS:   ++*B Sweet Dreams Golden Boy A0817863 (3-4 FS 89 E+E)
Dam: Hoach’s Golden Longing A1026301 (5-2 FS 89 VVVE)
DD: GCH Hoach’s SRS Lyric 4*M A0868756

juni nationals 2011

Lucas has 20 daughters appraised with an average final score of 87.5.  His daughters have correct type yet dairy with excellent mammary systems.  Seven daughters finished their grand championship and one son, Jennings, is a permanent grand champion.

Daughter:  GCH Chateau Briant’s Juni


julie04 julienne4 vienna4322 becca144np
Daughter:  GCH Julie                           Daughter:  GCH Julienne                     Daughter: GCH Vienna                       Daughter:  GCH Becca