The Cassettes

Meet The Cassette Family

Thank You for taking the Dairy Goats, Chateau Briant Farm, Saco Mainetime to visit our site and sharing in the history of our farm! Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions about the animals featured on our website.

We started raising dairy goats as 4-H projects fifty years ago with most of the main breeds. We soon realized that we needed to concentrate on two breeds and Alpines and Nubians were an easy choice.

We purchased our first Alpine in 1970 with the goal of developing genetically “Superior” quality bucks and does in the Alpine breed. In order to achieve our goal, we recognized the importance of using DHIR milk testing, linear appraisal and show programs. Through the years, we have developed and/or used bucks and does who EXCELLED in these programs with consistency and dependability.

The following pages reflect years of breeding experience utilizing linear appraisal, and DHIR milk testing programs along with Artificial Insemination to produce “Highest Quality Stock.”

The results of our breeding program can be found in many top herds around the country. Specific results are as follows:

  • 132 permanent Grand Champions
  • Bucks listed in the top 15% of the USDA Sire Summary
  • Bucks and does qualifying in the Superior Genetics Program
  • Elite does for milk production as listed by USDA including many with 3,000 lbs. plus of production.
  • Seven National Spotlight Sales consignments.
  • Ninety-seven bucks and does appraised with a final score of EXCELLENT.
  • National Show Alpine Premier Exhibitor in 2011.
  • Young bucks qualifying for the ADGA Sire Development Program.

It is our sincere wish that you also will select a CHATEAU BRIANT buck or doe for your breeding program. Majority of animals raised on a CAE prevention program.

The website represents four generations working to improve the dairy goat industry.  We are proud to continue the work begun by our parents / grandparents / great grandparents, Robert and Evelyn Cassette.  Their early efforts earned us the recognition under the ADGA Pioneers Program in 2004.